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The World’s Oldest Collegiate Boat Club 


Brasenose has been rowing on the Isis river, in Oxford, since 1815. This makes us, along with Jesus College, the oldest collegiate boat club in the world! We have been successful throughout our proud history, winning the Summer Eights Headship 24 times.


The club is open to any member of Brasenose College and has a dedicated novice programme, so anyone can give rowing a go! Whatever your level of commitment or athletic ability, there is a place in the boat club for you.


Emily Tench

President 2017/18

Emily Tench - President

Welcome to Brasenose Boat Club!

I’m very honoured to be the President of the oldest collegiate boat club in the world and am proud to be a part of such a fun and welcoming student organisation.

When I joined Brasenose in 2015, I wasn’t sure whether to take up rowing or not. I had rowed previously but was considering trying out a new sport instead. However the enthusiasm of the rowing captains convinced me that it would be a great way to meet fellow students and also have a lot of fun.

Fast forward two years and I can definitely say that I’ve had an incredible amount of fun.

Rowing has really been a highlight of my time at Oxford and I am very grateful to the boat club committees, past and present, for making the club such a success.


The Rugby Beer Boat kicked off the campaign with an early bump under 30s into the race. The (very) heavyweight crew laid down a choppy, but powerful start to row past LMH 3.

W2 also set off on a flyer, having recruited some old hands, and some new. In a contentious three boat sandwich bump and a kerfuffle of appeals at RaceDesk, the middle Brasenose crew was deemed triumphant and are now racing ahead of Trinity W2.

M2 suffered a row over after a horrendous crash between Wolfson M2 and Merton M2 caused a severe klaxon. 
W1 found themselves sandwiched between 2 grad colleges (St. Antony’s and GTC), and despite their lack of age and experience, put up a tremendous fight! They chased down Antony’s through the gut to get canvas, but frustratingly, they held them at half a length’s distance for the rest of the course, which GTC gaining close behind. Despite some defensive coxing, they were bumped by GTC 100m from the finish.

Unlike W2, the Men's First VIII nearly found themselves in a 4 boat sandwich of St Hugh's, Brasenose, Worcester, St John's. With half a length to go for a bump on Worcester, some canny coxing by Hugh's pinned our boat to Green Banks - ultimately swiping us away from Worcester, who bumped John's as we were bumped by Hugh's. The ensuing entanglement caused Merton to have to hold their boat up, before continuing for a row over.
  • M1 race at 17:45. After a month of mind games with their competitors at Godstow they are confident it will be a successful week! Can they hunt down Torpids rivals Worcester? 
The Crew: 
Stroke: Peter Edmondson (co-c)
7: Will Bunce 
6: Bill Freeman 
5: Sam White (co-c)
4: Richard O'Halloran 
3: Andrew Linden 
2: Imre Juhasz 
Bow: Joe Keel 
Cox: James Roper
  • W1 race at 16:15 and are hoping for a good week after what looked like a successful torpids campaign was sadly cut short! Can they make a triumphant return to Div 2? 
The Crew: 
Stroke: Hannah Lipczynski 
7: Katie Ramsey 
6: Petra Kone 
5: Esme Haywood 
4: Sian Hale 
3: Juliette Allen (c)
2: Karen Zhang 
Bow: Grace Hickman 
Cox: Toby de Mendonca
  • M2 race at 15:40 and have already been reliving the glory days by recreating a photo from the 1800s! Let's hope their results reflect their artistic flair..... The Crew: 
Stroke: Matteo Maciel 
7: Tom Plews 
6: Harry Wheeler 
5: Oli Hanson 
4: Toby Sims 
3: Greg Hartley 
2: Tom McQueen 
Bow: James Roper 
Cox: James Maye
  • W2 race at 14:55 today. With BNC legend Tom Stewardson back in the coxing seat, they are sure to have a great week and are hoping to move into the fixed divisions! 
The Crew: 
Stroke: Eleanor Dodd 
7: Alice Walker 
6: Anna Dobson 
5: Lottie Hoskin 
4: Harriet-Rose Noons 
3: Celine Penant 
2: Kimberley Savill 
Bow: Sophie Gunning 
Cox: Tom Stewardson
  • Our M3 race at 12:00 today. Despite only having done 4 sessions on the water they have made than transition from rugby to rowing "seamlessly" according to our coach.... we expect big things (or at least big watts and big crabs)! The 11 Man Crew: 
Ed Shortland 
Sam O'Connor 
Harry Williams 
Duncan Smith 
Harrison Ward 
Ben Parker 
Josh Hothersall 
Dan Smith 
Tom Harmer 
Tom Griffiths 
Sam White (Cox)
  • W1 practicing bumping by chasing Wadham into the lock! One day to go.....
  • In shocking news our M3 Rugby Beer Boat have qualified as the last crew to make the cut! Hopefully they can retain the hotly contested footship for the whole week 🙏 Top work lads

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