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The World’s Oldest Collegiate Boat Club 


Brasenose has been rowing on the Isis river, in Oxford, since 1815. This makes us, along with Jesus College, the oldest collegiate boat club in the world! We have been successful throughout our proud history, winning the Summer Eights Headship 24 times.


The club is open to any member of Brasenose College and has a dedicated novice programme, so anyone can give rowing a go! Whatever your level of commitment or athletic ability, there is a place in the boat club for you.


Emily Tench

President 2017/18

Emily Tench - President

Welcome to Brasenose Boat Club!

I’m very honoured to be the President of the oldest collegiate boat club in the world and am proud to be a part of such a fun and welcoming student organisation.

When I joined Brasenose in 2015, I wasn’t sure whether to take up rowing or not. I had rowed previously but was considering trying out a new sport instead. However the enthusiasm of the rowing captains convinced me that it would be a great way to meet fellow students and also have a lot of fun.

Fast forward two years and I can definitely say that I’ve had an incredible amount of fun.

Rowing has really been a highlight of my time at Oxford and I am very grateful to the boat club committees, past and present, for making the club such a success.

  • BNCBC ABROAD VOL 2: Following their graduations last year, former Pres Emily Tench and W1 legend Grace Hickman have been attempting to rediscover purpose in their lives - to fill the void of rowing. Their quest has led them to Uganda currently, where they have found happiness fighting crocodiles by (surprise) a big lake.... We wish them well and are looking forward to attending the funeral.
  • Hilary term is already well underway after a five day training camp in Nottingham this week 💪 Many miles, many blisters, many seat races! What more could you want?
  • Merry Christmas from our "three wise men"!! 🎉🎉🎉🎅🎅🎅
  • A great term for both our novices and seniors! Christmas "bulking" season now before we return for training camp in Nottingham in early January .
Credits: Photo taken by New College student Aleksandra Majak @alekks.m many thanks!! 🍻

Successes for both crews racing at the weekend, particularly with M1 beating a number of close Torpids rivals! 
The greatest success was perhaps @india.duke , our novice cox, making it safely and smoothly round the S-bends with W1 🎉 impressive stuff after just 6 weeks coxing!
A good year again for the Brasenose novices with WA making finals day after some highly impressive technical rowing. Unfortunately they came up against eventual winners Wadham but it was a close race - very positive signs moving into Hilary. 
MA reached the Friday before losing to a strong GTC crew. The week had started perfectly with a half length win against boathouse rivals Exeter MA and some fast times are expected in next week's 2k test! 
WB entered with a strange mix of Wadham rowers, Brasenose novices, and Brasenose seniors. As expected, they won their race but sadly as a friendly crew could not progress. They did get to wear some quite "fetching" kit though... Finally, MB lost twice to A crews but came very close both times, showing some very impressive depth to the men's squad!
  • Catching the sun... not the water
  • Thanks to @oandcclub for hosting drinks for BNCBC alumni last night! 🍻

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