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The World’s Oldest Collegiate Boat Club 


Brasenose has been rowing on the Isis river, in Oxford, since 1815. This makes us, along with Jesus College, the oldest collegiate boat club in the world! We have been successful throughout our proud history, winning the Summer Eights Headship 24 times.


The club is open to any member of Brasenose College and has a dedicated novice programme, so anyone can give rowing a go! Whatever your level of commitment or athletic ability, there is a place in the boat club for you.


Emily Tench

President 2017/18

Emily Tench - President

Welcome to Brasenose Boat Club!

I’m very honoured to be the President of the oldest collegiate boat club in the world and am proud to be a part of such a fun and welcoming student organisation.

When I joined Brasenose in 2015, I wasn’t sure whether to take up rowing or not. I had rowed previously but was considering trying out a new sport instead. However the enthusiasm of the rowing captains convinced me that it would be a great way to meet fellow students and also have a lot of fun.

Fast forward two years and I can definitely say that I’ve had an incredible amount of fun.

Rowing has really been a highlight of my time at Oxford and I am very grateful to the boat club committees, past and present, for making the club such a success.

  • Throwback to our first official committee trip to Henley Royal Regatta! It was great to be recognised by lots of our alumni, keep in touch 😊
  • CONGRATULATIONS to all the students who have made their offers and will be joining us at Brasenose this coming year! 
Looking forward to seeing lots of new faces join the boatclub!! No experience needed, get in touch if you want to know more

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  • Join us for our inaugural Alumni Summer BBQ, Saturday 22nd September!

There will be a BBQ and drinks on our boathouse balcony and an opportunity to get back into a boat with some our current members and past crew mates!

Register here:  or email ‘’
  • If you have ever rowed, coxed, coached, or even just supported Brasenose Boat Club at any time then come down to the Boathouse on Saturday 22nd September for our inaugural Summer BBQ!

Take the opportunity to catch up with people on the balcony with our bar and BBQ from midday.

Race with your old crews and settle the scores from 1pm in side-by-side and mini-bumps races. Even challenge our current crews. 
Races and the bar will finish at 4pm at which point we can head down to the Head of the River pub. 
To confirm your place (so we have enough burgers!) just message the Boat Club Facebook page or email

Bring your friends and family too
  • A fantastic lunch at Henley Royal Regatta on Wednesday with trustees of the Bowman Fund and old and new boat club committee members. Thank you. 
Lots of fresh and exciting ideas for the coming year! #hrr #bncbc
  • Our BNCBC women fiercely competed at Henley yesterday in the D4+ and in the Aspirational 1x ☀️☀️ Unfortunately, neither boat qualified but they strongly and confidently held their own against some of the best crews around!

Special mention to Emily Tench and @gracehickman96 Whose last race it was with BNCBC -you will be missed!

Thanks @werow_life for the photo!
  • Torpids training or spoons punishment? Stern pair cracking out some marathons

On a glorious Saturday the time had come for our M3 to try make history. Having taken a cumulative 75 race strokes over the first three days they were on for blades – they just had to bump Lincoln. Their sheer watts off the start brought them close however as the race went on, surpassing 90 seconds for the first time, they started to tire. All the beer boat crabs that had so far been averted all arrived at once, giving Queens the opportunity to bump us back, which they gratefully took. Sadly, blades were not to be, but what a week for the lads who proved many people wrong. Hopefully they can go one better next year!

W2 had also had a great first three days, despite a changeable crew, and went into Saturday +2. However, Wolfson 3 came at them strongly and we were unable to hold them off for the whole course and were bumped. +1 for the week with two great bumps!

M2 got to enjoy the crowds on the Saturday as the boat ahead of them bumped out, leaving them with a long race against Regents 1 for the finish line. The row over never looked in doubt though, as our powerful crew strolled home. +1 for the week.

W1 had become accustomed to rowing the full course flat out having had two incredible row overs on Thursday and Friday. Saturday proved to be no different as they held off Corpus 1 after Antony’s bumped out in front. -1 for the week but some of the most exciting racing you’ll see! It is just a shame the cox forgot to turn the GoPro on for any of the races!

Finally, M1. Saturday was their chance to make history, to complete a spectacular Spoons winning campaign on a high. Ever the crowd pleasers, they held off Corpus until just outside the Corpus boathouse before being bumped to allow them to celebrate the bump with their fans! Spoons is clearly not the result M1 wanted, and maybe even didn’t deserve, but bumps racing is a brutal format and that is the way it goes sometimes. They’ll be back for torpids with much higher ambitions.

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