Brasenose College Boat Club

The World’s Oldest Collegiate Boat Club 


Brasenose has been rowing on the Isis river, in Oxford, since 1815. This makes us, along with Jesus College, the oldest collegiate boat club in the world! We have been successful throughout our proud history, winning the Summer Eights Headship 24 times.


The club is open to any member of Brasenose College and has a dedicated novice programme, so anyone can give rowing a go! Whatever your level of commitment or athletic ability, there is a place in the boat club for you.


Emily Tench

President 2017/18

Emily Tench - President

Welcome to Brasenose Boat Club!

I’m very honoured to be the President of the oldest collegiate boat club in the world and am proud to be a part of such a fun and welcoming student organisation.

When I joined Brasenose in 2015, I wasn’t sure whether to take up rowing or not. I had rowed previously but was considering trying out a new sport instead. However the enthusiasm of the rowing captains convinced me that it would be a great way to meet fellow students and also have a lot of fun.

Fast forward two years and I can definitely say that I’ve had an incredible amount of fun.

Rowing has really been a highlight of my time at Oxford and I am very grateful to the boat club committees, past and present, for making the club such a success.

  • Read President Emily Tench's thoughts about our successful Hilary campaign, including videos from Torpids and HORR, here:
  • Our very own Andrew Linden rows in the Oxford Lightweights Nepthys crew tomorrow at the Henley Boat Races! 
Quite the turn around for a man whose technique was so bad when he joined that they changed his side to start afresh! However, what we do know is that from 2ks to undergrad freshers, this man knows how to pull...
  • On Sunday our men's crew raced in the Head of the River! They came home in 20:58.0 and even had time for a clash of blades with UCL just before Hammersmith Bridge before overtaking them #WinTheClash 💪💪 Sadly it was @vanleeuwen.ajt last race but it was a great way to go into retirement! 
Huge thanks to @maaboatclub for hosting us for the weekend!
  • We raced at the Women's Head of the River this Saturday posting a time of 23:40.4! A top effort and the facial expressions of stroke Emily Tench at the finish proves they couldn't have given any more 💪
  • W1 had a great couple of days, bumping Worcester on Day 1, then bumping Mansfield on Day 4! Baby blades anyone? 
Here is a video of them bumping Mansfield staring the brilliant Grace Hickman 💪 
They race again on Saturday in WeHoRR! #YeahBudgies
  • M1 unfortunately got bumped by Queen's yesterday after a technical issue off the start. Good progress has been made this term though, with 3 novice making M1, so the future looks a lot brighter! 
They are next in action on the Tideway at the Head of the River a week today 🌊
  • TORPIDS 2018 M2 
Back Row: 
Richard O'Halloran (4)
Joe Keel (3)
Sam White (Cox)
Matteo Maciel (2)
James Roper (Bow)

Front Row: 
Oli Hanson (5)
Tom McQueen (6)
Pete Scanlon (Stroke)
Will Bunce (7) 
After bumping Univ yesterday, they are hoping to continue their good form!
  • TORPIDS 2018 W2

Back row: 
Angharad Morgan (2)
Eleanor Dodd (5)
Toby de Mendonca (cox)
Sian Hale (4)
Lizzy Matthams (6)

Front row: 
Maddy Luszczak (7)
Sophie Gunning (3)
Emily Patterson (stroke)
Karen Zhang (bow)

W2 had an amazing day yesterday, getting an overbump on Christ Church!

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