Once you have rowed (or coxed!) for Brasenose you are part of a community for life. The nature of Oxford bumps racing means that our current crew’s position is tangibly linked to every other Brasenose crew that has come before us.

We held our inaugural Boat Club Alumni Dinner on 19th October 2019, and we intend to make this an annual fixture and the biggest event of our alumni calendar. This first one received a turnout of over seventy people, and we hope to grow this over the coming years.

Also, we welcome any Alumni that want to come down to the boathouse to watch a regatta, especially the Saturday of Eights. Just turn up and you will be made more than welcome – you can even compete in the annual 100m ergo race!

The Bowman Fund

In 2015, BNCBC’s 200th anniversary, The Bowman Fund was set up by a group of volunteer alumni with the goal of radically improving the finances and support network for BNCBC.

It is building a long-term endowment for the Boat Club with generous donations from numerous Alumni. The aim is for this endowment to reach £1 million which would then provide the Boat Club with a secure financial future.

If you would like to get involved with this project please take a look at The Bowman Fund website.

Our Donors

However, the Bowman Fund could not exist without the support of BNC alumni who have provided generous financial support. This list honours and thanks them for their generous support.

Childe of Hale Donors*

1st VIII Donors**

1815 Donors***

  • Dominic Barton
  • Dan Brocklebank
  • Alastair Carruthers
  • Michelle Dipp
  • Steve Jefferies
  • Eddie Chaloner
  • Jock Miller
  • Tom Baker
  • David Clark
  • Hauke Engel
  • Dee, Isobel and Sylvia Jefferies
  • Nigel Jones
  • Richard Marriott
  • Dudley Moore
  • Mark Wippell

Why is it called The Bowman Fund?

In September 2015, the trustees formally named the endowment fund “The Bowman Fund” in honour of both the then Principal of Brasenose College (Alan Bowman) and the Bow Man of the original BNC VIII of 1815 who would have been the first person across the finish line in an amateur rowing race!

*Childe of Hale donors have pledged at least £50,000
**1st VIII donors have pledged at least £10,000
***1815 Donors have pledged at least £1,815