Torpids Report 2023

BNCBC President, Ella Shalom, summarises the results of the Boat Club in 2023 Torpids as the week progressed.

Huge congrats to our M2 and W2 for strong performances, with both crews qualifying for Torpids! Unfortunately our mixed novice boat didn’t quite make it through, but we couldn’t be prouder of them for getting out on the water and getting invaluable racing experience for the future!


It was a close race for M2 almost making the bump on Lincoln, but rowing over strong and ready to take them on again today. W2 had some technical errors involving a rogue seat coming off, but made the bump on Christchurch even with Maddy rowing arms only! Unfortunately this bump didn’t count, as technically they had already bumped Mansfield who had safely made their way into the bank. But overall both crews maintain their original positions! Looking forward to seeing what day 2 has in store.

M1 had an excellent start to their blades campaign, bumping Mansfield before the gut, making them sandwich boat of Div 2. In their second race, Somerville didn’t stand a chance, as our boys were on them and made the bump way before they reached Donnington bridge. W1 couldn’t quite catch GTC, who bumped out early on LMH. After a long hard race, they were half a length off the over bump on LMH by the end of course. They will be coming back to make the bump of LMH on day 2 with a vengeance!


M2’s race  was klaxoned before they could make the bump on Lincoln. W2 were bumped by GTC but bumped Christchurch. W1 were bumped by Lincoln but came within 2/3 canvas of bumping LMH (😪). And finally, M1 went +2; they bumped Linacre and Trinity, meaning that they are now looking solid for blades 👀. 

DAY 3 

There were big smiles all round for M1 as they make an easy bump on St John’s! Slightly fewer happy faces were in W1 who were bumped by a very strong Teddy Hall crew, but a strong & technical row to be proud of all the same. Our W2 & M2 both rowed over, but M2 managed to go +1 thanks to a penalty bump on Lincoln. 


Last but not least, let’s go over day 4. Unfortunately M2 were bumped by Lincoln right at the very end of their race, but they gave it everything to try and hold them off in a row they should be proud of! (not the best birthday present for men’s captain Luke 😔). W2 finished off the week as they began it, getting bumped and making the bump during their race – “constitutional spades?” we ask!

W1 had a strong row but were bumped by Balliol, and although -3 isn’t how they wanted the week to go it was all smiles as they got off the water – a spoons campaign avoided is still a good campaign in our book. And finally we have M1 who gave it their all and came so close to the bump twice on 2 different crews. Unfortunately Lincoln bumped out before the boys could make contact, and though they gave it their all and came so close to the overbump on Queens it just wasn’t quite enough. Though they may be hard on themselves the rest of the club couldn’t be prouder of them for an excellent campaign, +5 overall and a well deserved return to Div 2. Up the black & gold!! 

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